Invision HR is all about People, Business, and their Future

… And a key partner to individuals and growing SMEs.

We assist individuals to develop their innate potential.


We assist businesses by providing simple and holistic solutions across the Human Resources portfolio, as well as Organisational Psychology.

In a profession where human behaviour is the centre, our focus on people as individuals, teams or in organisations is our core.

With a passion for simplicity, efficiency and development, Invision HR aims to bring people and organisations together in a harmonious and integrated approach benefiting their unique context.

Who do we help?


From self-awareness, personal development & planning your career, individuals young and old can be coached over a tailored journey.


From admin, operations, systems, structure or strategy, Invision HR can assist as an advisor, a consultant or for project execution.

How do we help Individuals?

We have expertise in:

Career Planning & Guidance

Personal Development


Psychometric Assessment

Personal Coaching


How do we help SME’s?

We have expertise in two domains:

Human Resource Psychology

Planning, directing and coordinating HR structures and systems for better functioning and oversight of the various focus areas within HR relating to the total employee life-cycle.

HR Psychology services

Organisational Psychology

The application of psychology principles in the workplace to better understand human behaviour, mental processes and employee motivations for the strategic development of a business.

Org Psychology services